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Lorraine Puravet, RN BSN

My work history as first working as a caregiver in an Adult Family Home (AFH), then graduating with a Bachelor’s in Nursing and working as an RN at Evergreen Hospital and a Urology clinic has given me a well rounded picture of how to assess the health needs a senior may need and how as a caregiver to meet these needs to help prevent health problems and to provide treatment as needed.

Working as a caregiver since 2002 has given me a view into what happens as one ages, and the different levels of care seniors require.  Working with seniors who have Dementia, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and many other health issues, I’ve learned how to individualize my care geared to meet each individual need. Caring for these seniors really gave me insight in how important it is to be an advocate for vulnerable seniors who often do not understand what is happening to them. A good caregiver needs patience, creativity, perseverance and positive thinking to provide excellent holistic care to each person.

The above experience is what caused me to become interested in the medical field in nursing to learn more about different health conditions and special care needs for each individual. I graduated from Northwest University in Kirkland, WA with a Bachelor’s in Nursing. I started work at Evergreen Hospital, where most of my patients were elderly. I quickly learned the most common diseases and illness seniors face and how much greater of an effect even a Urinary Tract Infection can have on elderly. My knowledge grew in what signs and symptoms to looks out for that often can indicate an early problem and how to provide appropriate medical care in addition to daily care giving.

With my caregiver and nursing experience I feel confident and comfortable providing good hands on care!

Dorel Puravet, Home Care Aide

Dorel has worked since 1996 as a caregiver for seniors. Dorel has caregiving experience since 1996 providing care to seniors.

He has extensive hands on caregiving experience with morning care, dressing, showering, meal preparation and medication assistance. His gentle, caring, and knowledgeable personality engages elderly in activities and exercise.